• domestic gas appliances
    Who can work on domestic gas appliances? Always check the card

    The definition of working on gas includes the following.

    In the united kingdom gas safety legislation states that only a person registered with Gas Safe can legally work on domestic gas appliances.

    Installing, maintaining, servicing, disconnecting, repairing, altering, replacing parts.

    basically, anything to do with the appliance that could disrupt it’s safe running.

    One item that tends to get altered or changed around is the flue of an appliance.

    This is normally due to a builder erecting an extension or a DIY homeowner trying to divert the flue out of the way.

    This is totally illegal and could be poetically dangerous to the occupants of the property.

    Replacing your own boiler and calling in a gas safe registered engineer to sign it off, is also classed as illegal.

    Both parties can be prosecuted with high penalties.

    What Domestic Gas Appliances can a registered person work on?

    This all depends on the individual’s qualifications.

    Every engineer carries a gas safe card with details of what appliances they can work on, this includes natural gas as well as LPG.

    Before any form of work is carried out you should ask to see the card.

    On the front of the card, you will see a picture of the person in question

    A long number like a credit card, which is the engineer’s personal licence number and expiry date at the bottom, ensure the card is still in date.

    On the back of the card will be details of what domestic gas appliances can be worked on.

    If you have any doubt contact the gas safe register,

    You can do this online, they will confirm the engineer’s details and qualifications.

    If no card is present, ask them to leave until they can produce the card for you to inspect.

    Carrying out any form of gas work by someone not qualified to do so, will also invalidate your home insurance.

    Should need to make a claim on your home insurance due to a faulty gas appliance.

    hey will want to see details of who has worked on the appliance and check them with gas safe.

    There is a myth that because you own your own home you can do what you want within your property, this is untrue.

    The regulations relating to gas are not just there to protect you.

    They are there to protect your neighbours and everyone from any serious harm.

    At this moment in time, it’s not compulsory to have an annual boiler service unless the property is rented out.

    But it seems it won’t be long before this will come into force.

    Whatever type of gas work you want to be carried out, even capping off a pipe, be sure to use a Registered engineer.

    Surely it’s better to be safe than sorry.