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    So What are the best boilers?

    When it comes to replacing your old boiler it gets very confusing in what make to use.

    There are many makes of boilers on the market today to choose from, so what one do you choose.

    It all depends on your budget, but with a boiler, you only get what you pay for.

    Once the warranty expires they start to cause problems.

    The problem here is the parts are very expensive should you need to replace anything.

    You normally find that once a boiler starts to break down it can become a regular occurrence.

    With the higher end of the market, the build quality is so much better and the lifespan is much longer,

    normally these boilers have a longer warranty from 5 right up to ten years.

    Part of the warranty states that you must have the boiler serviced at least once a year.

    To get keep your warranty valid, this applies to all makes from the cheaper end right up to the higher end boiler.

    For some reason, people seem to think that because they have a warranty they don’t need to have their boiler serviced,

    but they do need to be serviced.

    All gas appliances should be serviced at least once a year.

    With any boiler, it has to be installed according to the manufactures instructions

    otherwise, should it break down your warranty becomes invalid, and they may refuse to repair.

    We have been to many boiler breakdowns over the years

    only to find they are installed incorrectly and the manufacturer refuses to carry out a repair.

    When installing a new boiler the pipework has to be flushed out to clear any sludge that has built up over the years,

    once the pipework is clean an inhibitor has to be added to protect the new boiler and system.

    Next, the gas supply has to be checked to make sure it’s big enough.

    All new

    today are condensing and though they will save you on your

    fuel bills they need a bigger gas supply as they work completely different to the older boilers.

    Now down to the boiler, which one do you choose?

    In the lower end price range, you have Ferroli, Biasi and Heatline,

    like I said before they work fine but as time goes on you will find that they will start to break down.

    With the higher end of the market, you have Vaillant and Worcester

    these boilers are built to last, it’s a bit like cars, if you buy a Vauxhall or ford they don’t last as long as a BMW or Mercedes.

    My advice is when the times comes to replacing your boiler talk to your local gas safe registered installer,

    he can advise you on what boiler to install according to your budget.

    It does not matter what price range you choose it can be a costly exercise,

    but if you want a boiler that will last then you are better off with the higher end market boiler.

    Don’t forget it is the law in the UK that any form of gas work has to be carried out by a gas safe registered installer, that includes repairs,

    installations, servicing and any form of pipework, gone are the days when you could do it yourself.

    To find a local gas safe installer go to the gas safe register type in your details, you should find someone local to you.

    To find out more about a new boiler fill in the form below and we will make contact you.

    What are the best boilers??