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  • Water pipe noise

    Water Pipe Noise Problems

    If you suffer water pipe noise, or water hammer as its otherwise known, there is a simple solution.

    That most plumbers don’t know about.

    But first what is the cause of the noise?

    Water pipe noise or hammer can be caused if you have a water meter or non return valve fitted.

    Even a dead leg on you water pipes. 

    A dead leg is a length of water pipe that may have been capped off and no longer in use.

    You open a tap or an outlet the water flows through at a high rate.

    When you close the tap the water within the pipe is shocked because all of a sudden it has nowhere to go.

    It causes a rush backwards and forwards of the water inside the pipe, this is the noise you hear.

    So, because a water meter and non return valve stops the water from going backwards it causes water pipe noise, hammer. 

    The simple solution is to fit an arrester of small expansion vessel. 

    They take up the water movement and stop the noise. 

    Even some of the biggest factory’s in the world have suffered this water pipe noise problem. 

    It has even caused major damage to factory’s because an arrester was not fitted. 

    Go onto YouTube and search for water arresters and you can see the damage that can be cause due to water noise.

    If you have a modern day combination boiler fitted in your home.

    Have you noticed when you open the cold tap that the boiler seems to go into start up mode then stops? 

    This is due to water movement, by fitting an arrester it should stop.

    The arrester takes up the expansion of the water and stops the water movement and the noise. 

    With all combination boilers the makers state the an arrester or small expansion vessel should be fitted.

    To the cold water pipe as close to the boiler as possible.

    But this seems to get left out on the installation. 

    The reason they ask for an arrester to be fitted is most boilers have plastic water manifolds fitted.

    These are tested to around 10 bar, should the pressure rise it could make the plastic manifolds to leak.

    So how can this happen?

    If you have preheat switched on the boiler the pressure in the cold pipes can rise as it has nowhere to go as it expands. 

    Preheat is where the hot water in the combination boiler heats the internal hot water exchanger.

    So when you open the tap you don’t have to wait to long for hot water to come out of the tap. 

    By using the preheat you save around 10 seconds wait for hot water. 

    Most boilers have this facility fitted, but in reality it’s not very economical to use.

    Water pipe noise can also upset the neighbours because the sound in the pipe travels.

    If your neighbour is trying to sleep and you flush the toilet in the middle of the night they can get a little grumpy.

    Most of the time water pipe noise can be stopped by fitting and arrester.

    Speak to your local plumber if you have the water noise problem.