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    Boilers Vaillant EcoFit Pure Combination Boiler Review
  • Vaillant EcoFit Pure

    Vaillant, as we all know, have been producing high-quality central heating boilersfor many years.

    They were the first to pioneer the combination boilermany, many years ago.

    Their latest combination boiler is the Vaillant Ecofit pure.

    It has been designed with the homeowner in mind, it is compact and will fit inside a standard kitchen wall unit.

    The dimensions of this boiler are 700 high 390 wide and 295 in depth.

    The flue has two options, it can connect to the standard elbow turret on top of the boiler,

    Where you have the option of directing it whatever way is best for the installation including vertical.

    But the added bonus is you now have a rear flu option,

    which is very handy when installing within a cupboard.

    The flu can be run up to ten meters in length, but that will reduce with every bend that is connected to the flue.

    Internally the Vaillant Ecofit has a new heat exchanger compared to previous models of the Eco-Tec.

    It is lightweight and made up of aluminium, it was designed with  larger waterways to help reduce blockages in the heat exchanger

    Which restrict the flow of water and causes the boiler to eventually stop working. ( Common problem on most boiler makes)

    It currently comes in 3 different heat outputs, 25KW, 30KW and 35KW

    Having installed all 3 models I must say I am very impressed with this boiler.

    Better still my customers have also been impressed especially with the hot water flow rate.

    At the time of writing this review this boiler currently only works on natural gas.

    I have been told by Vaillant they may produce an LPG model

    in the near future which may be the 30KW version.

    Which is good news for homeowners on LPG

    Like all Vaillant boilers, you can add the standard mechanical internal time clock on the front section as well as use the range of Vaillant smart controls.

    These boilers are very easy for the engineer to install, very light compared to previous models.

    For a boiler engineer working on his own, these boilers are ideal.

    The boilers come with a 2-year warranty as standard but if installed by a Vaillant Advanced Member then the warranty is increased to 7 years.

    The warranty can also be increased to 10 years at an additional cost if needed.

    Like all boilermakers, these days to keep the warranty valid the boiler will need an annual service without fail.

    On each service, the gas safeengineer will need to fill in the benchmark book that is supplied with every new boiler.

    The service record which is in the benchmark book has to be signed and dated to validate the next year of the warranty.

    If you miss the service and require a service repair under the warranty you will be charged for the repair.

    So it’s very important that you keep up with the annual service.

    Speak to your local gas safe boiler engineer to arrange a yearly boiler service plan.

    That way you know you are covered should something go wrong.

    All in all the Vaillant Ecofit pure is a good quality boiler and I would rate it as a 5-star boiler.