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    Boilers Vaillant Eco Tec​ Pro 28
  • The Vaillant Eco-Tec Pro 28

    The Vaillant Eco-Tec pro 28 is a

    combination boiler designed to supply central heating and hot water for the average 2-3 bedroom property,

    with one bathroom and shower room.

    The boiler comes as standard with a two-year warranty and if fitted by a Vaillant accredited installer this is increased to

    five years. So if you are considering installing a Vaillant Eco-Tec Pro 28 into your

    property you need to find an installer who is accredited to Vaillant, so you can benefit from the five-year warranty.

    Part of the warranty terms

    is, that the boiler is serviced each year by a gas safe registered engineer and that the benchmark is

    filled in and signed to confirm this. If the boiler is not serviced then the warranty becomes void. So it’s a

    good idea to arrange an annual service contract with the installer. The warranty terms are the

    same for all boiler manufactures. No Service, No Warranty.

    The installation of the Vaillant Eco-Tec Pro 28 if replacing an

    old combination boiler should only take one day if replacing

    from a system where you have water storage tanks then this will take 2-3 days to convert over.

    The boiler has been designed with the installer in mind. The boiler is

    very easy to fit onto the wall. You just fit the supplied wall bracket to the

    wall make sure the flue hole is bigger enough and then the

    boiler can be hung onto the wall, it’s that simple.

    By upgrading an old standard gas boiler to this new system

    (with a basic room thermostat) you could save up to approximately 1,157kg of C02/year*

    When installing this type of system along with a basic room

    thermostat you could save up to approximately £234 on your gas bill per year.

    Depending on your system requirements, a boiler

    replacement installation of this kind can cost anywhere between £2000-£3500

    The boiler is supplied with all the valves connections needed to connect up the pipework, the

    only thing you will need is to fill up a loop, to fill the system with water.

    It’s a good idea when installing your new boiler to have a MagnaClean

    unit fitted to the system, this will

    collect all the sludge and debris that may still be in the system,

    it also protects the boiler from sludge blockages in the heat exchanger,

    which is a common cause of boiler breakdown.

    The build quality of the Vaillant Eco-Tec Pro 28 is superior to most other makes of boilers, the

    quality of the parts inside this boiler is built to last, you can tell just by looking at them.

    Over the years we have installed many boilers and when it comes to Vaillants you see that these

    boilers are built to last. Because these boilers are built to a high specification and quality they

    cost more than your average boiler.

    Highly efficient and economical to run with up to

    an 89.2% efficiency rating (SAP 2009) they also

    Feature a high-efficiency pump which reduced energy usage and creates lower standby

    losses and potentially saving you on your fuel bills. It has a Fully modulating low NOx burner and fan offers

    improved energy efficiency. It has a

    Built-in 2 stage frost protection to ensure optimal performance all year round. Increased speed of

    hot water delivery thanks to Vaillant’s ‘aquaCOMFORT’ warm start feature,

    All in all a good quality built boiler.

    With the Vaillant Eco-Tec Pro 28, you have the option of adding an internal time clock on to the front

    the panel, this is for the heating only, the

    hot water is always available so long as the power is on to the boiler.

    You also have the option of fitting a wireless programmable room thermostat. The

    receiver fits into the front panel of the boiler and you can place the thermostat in

    any room you like or even carry it around with you to

    whatever room you are in. With the Vaillant Eco-Tec Pro 28 you

    have many options to choose from for connecting other controls.

    Vaillant offers a second to none back up service should you need to call them under the warranty.

    If your boiler should break down the first thing you should do is call the installers or a Gas safe engineer to check the boiler first. Most people

    who make a call under the warranty

    find out they are not covered, because it’s normally not the boiler that has caused the breakdown,

    it’s something else, so it’s advisable to call the installer first,

    otherwise, you may be charged for the call out.

    This applies to all boiler manufactures and not just Vaillant. To find out more about the Vaillant Eco-Tec Pro 28, just enter your

    details in the box below and request a callback.