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    Boilers Vaillant Eco Tec​ Plus 937
  • The Vaillant Eco Tec Plus 937

    Vaillant Eco-Tec Plus 937 is

    Vaillant’s answer to a high flow combination boiler.

    It stores 20 litres of hot water, so is always ready to supply the hot water you need,

    when you need it. It has been designed for the larger home in mind,

    with two bathrooms and a shower room.

    Fitting the Vaillant Eco-Tec Plus 937 is

    slightly different the other Vaillant combinations.

    It still comes with the same fixing bracket, that is supplied with there other boilers.

    This boiler comes in two parts, the boiler and the water storage section.

    Once that bracket is fixed to the wall,

    you then fit the back part of the boiler on to the bracket which is the water storage section.

    Once that has been fitted you then hang the boiler on to the back section.

    All the valves and pipe connections required are supplied with the boiler.

    You can then start to pipe up to the boiler,

    The pipe connections once fitted to the

    boiler has been designed

    so that a standard pipe clip with fit back to the wall.

    The hot and cold water pipes are 15 m in size and the gas and flow and return

    are all 22 m.

    The boiler is very easy to install for the qualified installer.

    The Vaillant EcoTEC plus 937 is a 37 kW high-efficiency storage

    combination boiler which has been designed especially for larger

    homes which have a higher hot water demand.

    Benefiting from the same high-quality performance and

    efficiency levels you’d expect

    from a Vaillant combination boiler,

    the Eco TEC plus 937 also features an innovative integrated hot water

    storage devise at the back of the boiler.

    This special feature means the product is capable of delivering up to

    20 litres of hot water per minute (significantly

    more than could be delivered by a traditional combination boiler),

    without the need for you to install a separate

    hot water cylinder or cold water tank in the loft.

    When considering installing a combination boiler

    it’s important to note that the larger the (kW) output you select, the

    greater the hot water delivery will be.

    This is very important if you have a large family,

    we have seen many combination boilers that are too small for the

    property they are fitted in.

    When asking why they have had a

    24Kw installed and not the correct size for the property.

    The answer we get is the installer or builder advised us and said its

    plenty big enough for the home.

    While this may be true for the heating side,

    the hot water is always not enough.

    When choosing a combination boiler you need to do

    your research and make sure the correct size is fitted.

    The most common problem we find is always not enough hot water, or

    being only able to run one tap at a time.

    The installation of a Vaillant Eco TEC Plus 937 typically takes

    between 1-2 days, depending on what

    modifications are needed however some time should be allocated for

    systems where radiators and pipework need replacing.

    The typical cost of replacing your old combination boiler with a new 937 Plus is

    around £2800.00. The costs all depend on what is needed in the installation.

    With a Vaillant Eco TEC Plus 937 boiler, you will receive a 5-year guarantee as standard

    or a 7-year guarantee if you choose to have a Vaillant

    Advance installer carries out the work. I know what installer

    I would use, an extra 2 years on the warranty taking it up to 7 Years.

    The boiler is highly efficient and economical to run with an 89.4% efficiency

    rating (SAP 2009) and good for the environment.

    Some of the features of this boiler are a built-in 2 stage

    frost protection ensures

    optimal performance all year round.

    Flame lit detection system enables more efficient and quieter combustion and operation.

    It has a contoured case and improved control panel design make this compact

    storage boiler a perfect fit in any home.

    When installing this type of system along with weather compensating

    controls and an outdoor sensor, you could save up to approximately

    £331 on your gas bill per year. By upgrading an old standard gas boiler to this new system

    (with weather compensating controls and an outdoor sensor)

    you could save in the region of 1,614G of C02/year.

    All in all this boiler is one of the best to have

    installed in your home if you want a good hot water flow rate.

    The size of the boiler is basically the same as Vaillant’s other combination boiler,

    the only difference is the depth because it has the water storage section fitted at the back.

    The flue can be run vertically as well as horizontal,

    so you have many options on where to install this boiler.

    The best place to install any combination boiler is in the

    old airing cupboard if possible with a vertical flue.

    Some installers will not advise this because it normally involves running new supplies to the

    boiler. The best advise I can give is to use a Gas Safe engineer who has been in the business for many years.

    There are many options for controls, you can fit an internal time clock on the front panel,

    even a receiver a wireless room thermostat, plus many more.

    If you have an interest in the

    Vaillant Eco-Tec Plus 937 and would like

    some more information, then please enter your details in the box below and request a callback…..