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    Boilers Time For That Annual Boiler Service.
  • Do You Need Annual Boiler Service?

    As the winter approaches, we tend to forget the annual boiler service that needs doing until it decides to break down.

    Every year is the same, we talk about getting the annual boiler service in the summer,

    then all of a sudden we have a cold night, switch the heating on, and nothing happens.

    We then start to panic.

    The beginning of the dark nights and the first frost, everybody tends to switch the heating on to stay warm.

    As a plumbing and heating company, we find that this time of year the phones go crazy with people calling to have a boiler service.

    When taking a booking for a boiler service we always ask if there are any problems with the boiler.

    Most say no, the boiler is fine it just needs its annual service.

    Then when we arrive we find that there is a problem with the boiler, and it’s more than a service.

    It’s strange how every year is the same, we as human beings seem to leave everything to

    the last minute. If the heating decides not to come on we get on

    the phone to the gas safe engineer to come and service the boiler.

    Having a boiler service is very important these days.

    With the modern boiler of today if left unserviced they don’t last long, not like the old style boilers.

    They were just a lump of cast iron, a thermostat a burner and a thermal coupling that kept the pilot light.

    The water that circulated within the boiler had bigger waterways to flow through.

    These old boilers lasted many years without service,

    although they should have been serviced.

    With the boilers of today, to run at full efficiently

    like what they were designed for they have to be serviced regular,

    otherwise, you are asking for trouble and a costly expense.

    With a boiler service, we are looking at many things that have to be checked. The

    condense trap which is normally located within the boiler has to be cleaned out.

    It’s surprising how much sediment builds up over the course of a year.

    If this is left uncleaned it can stop the boiler from working.

    Condensing boilers produce condense which is a by-product of the combustion of the gas, this

    the product is acidic water, it discharges from the boiler into the trap then to a

    drain normally located within the property, if it cannot discharge due to

    blockage the boiler will eventually stop working.

    Now we have to check that the boiler flue is in good condition.

    Because these boilers produce a steam effect when running, which is called pluming, it

    also produces water vapour, which is acidic.

    This can eat away at the flue pipe and seals.

    So it’s a very important part of the boiler service.

    We also need to check the gas supply is correct for the boiler,

    undersized gas supply will mean the boiler is not working as it was designed for.

    Yes, it will work but you are losing out and it could be costing you more in gas bills.

    This is quite a common fault we find on the boiler service, the reason being

    the old boiler that has been replaced did not require a bigger supply.

    The new boilers use less gas when running but need a bigger supply.

    The expansion vessel that is normally located within the boiler has to be checked to make sure it has not lost

    any pressure, if the pressure has dropped lower than the boiler

    recommendations then it needs to be topped up. If leftover

    time the expansion vessel fills with water and the boiler starts to run at a higher pressure,

    which start to put a strain on all the water connections within the boiler.

    Again this a very important part of the boiler service.

    If left untouched you could end up replacing your boiler sooner than you thought.

    We also need to check that the pump is running correctly and pushing the heat away from the boiler quick enough.

    If the pump is not working at the correct level, it can

    cause the scale to build up within the boiler. If scale starts to build up it will block the waterways in the boiler,

    and as these are a lot smaller than the old boilers.

    Once this happens you will need a new heat exchanger,

    which are very expensive. At the same time as checking the pump, the water within the system also needs to be checked to make sure it has enough inhibitor, if needed this needs to be topped up.

    We also need to carry out a combustion analyzer test to make sure the boiler is burning correctly and is burning at the correct settings as defined by the boilers makers. If the reading is incorrect, then we have established why and what the problem may be.

    The boiler is also checked for any signs of leakage however small they may be, again these will need to be addressed.

    If you have a new style condensing boiler and want to make sure that when you switch the heating on in the winter, it works, then you must make sure you have a regular boiler service.

    One last thing that we come across quite a lot when called out to a boiler breakdown is the customer says the boiler is under guarantee and should be repaired under the guarantee. When we ask when was the last time it was serviced, the answer is normally it does not need it with a guarantee. This is not the case. It does not matter how long your guarantee maybe, part of the conditions of the guarantee is an annual boiler service needs to be done and recorded in the benchmark book.

    If you are thinking about having a boiler service or you have a question about your boiler, just enter your details in the box below and request a callback…..

    Annual Boiler Service?