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    If you own a mobile home then the chances are the hot water is heated by a Morco water heater or a Morco combination boiler.

    The Morco Water heater has been around for many years.

    It has been fitted to many mobile homes over the years because of the reliability of this water heater.

    But it’s sad to say that most have never ever been serviced or maintained.

    The Morco water heater is just like your home boiler.

    It still needs to be maintained to keep it in a good safe working condition.

    Even if you only use the mobile home a few weeks of the year, it should still be checked annually for safety.

    So what does this involve?

    The very first thing we do is a gas tightnesstest,

    This will prove no gas leaks are present before we start.

    Now the flue pipe needs to be checked.

    Making sure the products of combustion are being removed from thewater heaterand are not spilling into the room.

    As these water heaters get older they tend to start rusting up.

    So by checking thefluewe are looking for any form of corrosion.

    Making sure the flue is secure and not moving.

    Checking that it is connected to the water heater correctly and sealed.

    Now the most important part now is to check for the correct ventilation.

    Making sure the vent is clean and unobstructed.

    The Morco water heater is classed as an open flue and as such the water heaterneeds oxygen to burn correctly,

    not enough oxygen and the water heater will start to spill carbon monoxide into the room.

    So keeping the vent clear is very important.

    The pilot is checked to ensure it has a nice trip blue flamewith no yellow in it.

    Once the casing is removed from the water heater a visual inspection is carried out.

    The heater is then cleaned out, removing any of dead flies and insects.

    The burner is checked over to make sure it is clean and no damage is present.

    Now checking the heat exchanger to ensure no corrosion is present.

    Then give it a good clean and make sure the products of combustion can pass through.

    Once the internal work has been carried out, the case is refitted and the water heater is operated to check that the flame is burning correctly.

    It should be a strong crisp blue flame, any signs of yellow indicate the heater is not burning correctly.

    If you have the Morco water heater fitted in your mobile home and notice the flame is burning yellow.

    Stop using the water at once and call in a gas safe LPG engineerto check it over.

    Once the service has been carried out a visual an inspection of the gas supply is carried out,

    Checking that the gas supply pipe has an isolation valve fitted.

    We now carry out another gas tightness test and print off the results.

    If your Morco water heater starts to leak or you notice the water is not as hot as it used to be, call in theboiler engineer.

    Depending on the age of your Morco water heater it may be cheaper, in the long run, to replace for a new model.

    The chances are the heater is the same age as your mobile home and if it has not been looked after a new model will be the best option.