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  • Time To Change My Boiler

    When is the right time to change my boiler? OK First, let us ask a few simple questions. 1 Your fuel bills, would say they are on the high side? 2 Does your boiler make strange noises while it is working? 3 How long does it take to heat your home up to a comfortable temperature? 4 Last question, how old is your boiler? OK, let look at the first question. As we all [...]

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    New Boiler

    Fitting a new boiler is most of the time a simple one day job If the new boiler is to be fitted in the same position as the old one. Should the boiler be relocated to a new position, It will involve more work and more time. If you are converting to a combination type boiler, This involves removing the storage tanks and converting the pipework over to work with the combination [...]

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