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    News Some Helpful Tips on How to Maintain You’re Plumbing System This Winter
  • Winter Tips For Your Plumbing System

    With winter approaching and the days starting to get colder, 

    it’s very important to maintain your plumbing system,

    have any needed repairs carried out as soon as possible, you know the ones, a leaking tap, leaking toilet even a leaking pump.

    The first thing you should to do is locate the main stopcock for your property.

    if you are unsure where it is then you should maybe ask your neighbor if their property is of a similar type to yours,

    they could help you locate it. 

    If you cannot locate it then,

    it may be time to call a local plumber to locate it for you.

    The mains stopcock will isolate all incoming water into your property, 

    and should you have an emergency you can isolate the water. 

    You will surprised at how many people do not have a clue where their stopcock is located. 

    It’s one of the first things you should know when moving into your property.

    If you know where your stopcock is then, you should check that is works,

    turn it off then make sure the water has stopped running at the kitchen sink. 

    If the stopcock is a little stiff, 

    spray some WD40 around the spindle and close and open it a couple of times, 

    failing that, then you should have it replaced.

    If you have an outside tap then, it is extremely important that you can isolate it before the frosts start. 

    If left, you could find yourself with a burst pipe and water flooding everywhere.

    Locate your hot water tank if you have one fitted, 

    normally in the airing cupboard and check any visible isolating valves, just like the stopcock, 

    if a little stiff try WD40 if that does not work have them replaced.

    If you have any water pipes running on the outside of your property,  make sure they are completely lagged and protected from the cold. 

    The local DIY stores normally sell pipe lagging, 

    when fixing lagging to the pipes make sure that no pipe is left exposed.

    If your property has water storage tanks fitted; normally located in the loft area, 

    make sure they are fully protected from the cold.

    Check that the tanks are fitted with jackets and fitted correctly. 

    Check all pipe work is protected with lagging.

    The plumbing system seems to get overlooked until something goes wrong.

    Maintaining it is not as expensive as you think. 

    Look at it this way if you come home from work one evening only to find water coming out of your front door you will be very devastated, have the plumbing system checked over.