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    Boilers Replacing Your Boiler
  • Replacing your boiler can be an expensive and complicated exercise at the best of times.

    But it could be made a little easier if you choose the right Gas Safe boiler installer.

    Finding the right installer is not an easy task, speak to friends and family to see if they know of a good boiler installer.

    ormally someone within the group will know of someone who’s replaced their boiler.

    Once you find the details of someone,

    you should carry out a Gas Safe check to ensure they are still registered to work on replacing your boiler.

    It’s very important that you carry out this Gas Safe check,

    it’s easy to do and it will give you peace of mind knowing the installer is still registered and qualified.

    You simply visit the gas safe register online, then search for check an installers details. 

    Every installer carries a gas safe card, ask your installer if you can check his card, then check it against the register.

    Another reason on why you should always check your installer is home insurance. 

    Should you use someone who claims to be registered but is not,

    should something happen and you need to make a claim you may find your insurance is void.

    Insurance companies state that any gas work carried out within your property should be done by a registered installer.

    Now you have found your installer, you can now start discussing replacing your boiler.

    Ask his advise on what he thinks is best for your property, there are so many options to choose from these days.

    If you are looking at moving the position of your boiler to free up some space and relocating it somewhere else, explain your idea to the installer. 

    He should be able to tell you what’s involved in relocating your boilers position,

    it could be a simple job or it may involve lifting floors to run new pipework.

    A good boiler installer will be able to explain everything that is involved in replacing your boiler.

    Every new boiler installed has to comply with the latest building and gas regulations,

    failure to comply could result in a big penalty fine. Gone are the days of just replacing your boiler.

    Now every new boiler installed must be registered with Gas Safe who will, in turn, notify your local council. 

    You will receive a building compliance certificate,

    normally within a couple of weeks In the post to confirm registration.

    Keep it safe as you will need it should you ever decide to sell your property.

    Should the boiler not be registered with gas safe, you will find the boiler warranty becomes void as well as your home insurance.

    We now have a building regulation called boiler plus, which has to be complied with, this involves making sure your boiler controls comply.

    The easiest way to comply with the boiler plus is by having a smart thermostat installed,

    Failure to comply with the boiler plus could result in a hefty penalty. 

    Replacing your boiler now is not just replacing your boiler, as you can see it involve a lot more these days.

    It’s all about saving on energy and helping the environment.