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    Boilers Regular Boiler Service Reason You Should Have One.
  • The Safety Of A Regular Boiler Service

    Regular Boiler Service

    Having a regular boiler service should keep your boiler working.

    And most important of all supply you with plenty of hot water and heating when you need it.

    But the most important part of the service is your boiler should have a longer life.

    So what is involved in a regular boiler service

    First, the boiler should be serviced according to the manufacturer instructions.

    These are normally found in the paper work that came with the boiler when it was installed. 

    If these are not available then you can download them from the boiler manufactures website.

    The main thing we are looking for is safety.

    This includes checking the flue and any seals, that could leak products of combustion into the room. 

    As we know carbon monoxide has no smell.

    But can be life threatening if undetected. 

    The flue where it connects to the boiler.

    Should be inspected and any other flue connections for any signs of spillage. 

    The terminal should also be checked to make sure it is still intact and is not obstructed. 

    If the flue pipe passes through any voids.

    Then an inspection hatch should be present to check the flue connections.

    If not, then they will need to be installed otherwise the boiler will be classed as dangerous.

    The boiler is fired up to full gas and a combustion reading is taken.

    First the air part of the flue is checked to make sure that the boiler is only taking in fresh air.

    That products of combustion are not mixing with the air. 

    Then we check the combustion side. 

    If these reading are ok then we move on to checking all combustion seals.

    Again looking for any sings of spillage.

    With most of today’s boilers, the main burner does not need to be removed, like the old boilers did. 

    The combustion readings will tell you if the burner needs to removed. 

    Should you need to remove the burner.

    Then you will need to replace the seal.

    Never refit the burner without replacing the seal.

    otherwise you could have combustion leakage and worst of all a burnout. 

    This is very important, we have seen this happen where the old seal was used.

    Once the combustion side is checked, we then move on to the expansion vessel.

    Normally within the boiler. 

    First we have to depressurise the boiler, the flow and return pipes will be fitted with isolation valves.

    These need to be closed. 

    Most boilers will have a drain down valve fitted.

    It depends on the boiler make and model where it will be located. 

    Once located the valve can be opened and the boiler pressure should drop. 

    Now that the pressure within the boiler has dropped to zero.

    The expansion vessel can be checked.

    With a pressure gauge connected to the vessel we read the pressure within.

    If there is no pressure then the vessel will need to be recharged.

    To whatever the boiler manufactures setting is.

    it’s normally around 0.75 to 1 bar for a standard 24kw boiler.

    But each make and model is different. 

    Should the vessel be filled with water.

    Then it may need to be replaced as they are not designed to have water within.

    And they will start to rust inside? 

    Once the vessel has been checked we can now refill the boiler and open the isolation valves.

    Now we move on to the condense side. 

    Most boilers will have a condense trap fitted, this needs to be removed and cleaned out. 

    The condense pipe needs to be checked for any signs of leakage or blockage. 

    What most people don’t realise is the condense pipe is part of the flue system for the boiler. 

    We have seen the trap removed because it kept leaking, this was due to a blocked pipe. 

    Products of combustion can leak out if the trap is removed or even empty of water. 

    So again this is a very important part of the boiler service.

    These are some of the most important parts of a boiler service that need to be checked. 

    Every boiler manufacture has a different way of carrying out the service.

    But the main part is about safety. 

    Some companies just use the combustion anerlizers.

    To make sure the boiler is giving the correct reading without even taken the boiler case off. 

    This is why when you are searching around.

    To find the best price for the service you will see some from as little as £35.00. 

    This is not the correct way to service the boiler. 

    Safety is the number one issue, so don’t go for the cheapest. 

    In the past when we go to a new customer to carry out the service.

    They sometimes say why are you doing that.

    The last company didn’t do that.

    Why have you taken so long, before it only took ten minutes.

    The boiler service is very important to keep your boiler healthy.

    But more important than that is your own safety and health….

    Regular Boiler Service