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  • Top Tips To Prevent Plumbing Problems

    Did you know that many plumbing problems that occur in homes all over

    Britain can be more often than not, easily prevented by taking simple precautions in everyday life.

    Big Plumbing jobs can be quite costly if you can’t do it yourself,

    so it makes sense to learn prevention techniques to reduce the amount of

    plumbing problems you get in your home.

    Listed below are some tips on preventing plumbing problems…

    No Cooking Oils

    One simple way to stop as many blockages happening in you’re plumbing system is to

    stop pouring cooking oils and grease down the sink and drains.

    As tempting as this is when you have a load of oil on your plate, you should just

    pour it into the bin, or into a bottle that then gets put into the bin.
    Cooking grease is extremely damaging to drains because when it flows through them,

    it cools and starts to harden, which leads to difficult blocked drain situations.

    • Use Screens on the Sink

    You know the things I’m talking about, those convenient metal or plastic screens that get placed in the plug holes of sinks and showers.

    These screens are great because they catch and trap all particles that may potentially

    block the drainage such as; food waste, dropped jewellery, hair, soap chunks and more. The screens conveniently trap them to make for

    easy removal straight to the bin, instead of straight down your drain pipes!

    • Magic Baking Soda

    Ok, baking soda isn’t actually magic, but it does have hundreds of great uses,

    and one of those uses is to prevent pipe blockages and increase the flow of

    pipes to keep them in ship shape. Around once a month, pour about 60 ml of baking

    soda into your sinks and add a small amount of warm water to ensure the powder reaches every part of the drain.

    After that, pour 240 ml of vinegar (preferably white) into the baking soda mixture.

    Let all of this stand for several hours overnight, and then in the morning, blast it all away with hot water.
    Doing this little trick will kill and remove all the bacteria and scummy

    stuff that may have been lurking in your sink or drain.

    Doing this once a month will keep your drains nice and clear.

    Get Dripping Taps Replaced

    Did you know you are just throwing your money down the drain every day if you have dripping taps?

    I know it may not sound a lot but every little bit of help.

    If your taps are quite new, then you can replace in insides, but if they are quite old it’s advisable to replace the taps. It’s not a hard job, but if you feel it’s too much for you to take on, then call the local plumber.
    Plumbing problems left untouched lead to bigger problems so its best to keep ahead of them and fix them.

    If you would like to arrange for one of our plumbers to make a call and fix your plumbing problems, just enter your details in the box below…….