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    If you are moving into a new property, it’s a good idea to have a plumbing inspection of the new property.

    This way you will a get an idea of the condition of the plumbing, and should anything be wrong, then you will get an idea of what needs putting right.

    By having a plumbing inspection you could then go back to the seller if something needs to be put right and discuss a discount or contribution.

    The plumbing inspection becoming very popular these days, because now we have so many do it yourself people that don’t understand the rules and regulations, yes it may work but not how it should.There are rules and regulations that need to be followed.

    We have been to many properties over the years only to find dangerous situations and sometime could be life-threatening.

    One example was someone had installed a boiler in a bedroom and the people told me is was very noisy when running, also they kept waking up in the mornings with a headache.

    On checking over the boiler I found the flue from the boiler was not connected correctly.

    Whoever installed the boiler had tried to convert the flue to come off the back of the boiler.

    Most boilers come with a turret that sits on the top of the boiler, but some you can convert to the exit out of the back.

    What they did was convert the flue, but did not blank off the top part. Because of this carbon monoxide was leaking into the room.

    This could have killed the people sleeping in the bedroom.

    Further checking of the boiler I also found they had connected the gas supply to the boiler in plastic pipe and not copper.

    This is totally not allowed, gas pipes within the house have to be copper or metal.

    The reason being is should a fire break out in the property, with plastic pipe it will melt and cause an explosion .

    This boiler was shut down and made safe and reported to the health and safety.

    We returned a couple of days later to fix the problem and make sure everything was safe.

    It’s not all as bad as this, but by having a plumbing inspections will give you peace of mind of how the plumbing is, and at least if something needs to be put right you will know.

    When you have a plumbing inspection you should also find someone who is gas safe registered, that way the engineer can check over the central heating system and gas supplies in the property as well.

    When you have a survey done on the property you are moving into, you pay them a lot of money, but most of the surveyors are not gas safe registered so they cannot advise you on anything to do with gas.

    That’s why it’s a good idea to have a plumbing inspection.

    I went to a plumbing inspection recently wherein the report the surveyor had noted that the radiators were fitted in the wrong position, and as such told the buyers that they need to be moved and fitted under the windows.

    I pointed out to the buyers that there is no set position to fit radiators.

    Many people say the radiators need to be fitted under the window because that is supposed to be the coldest part of the room. In the days gone by that may have been true.

    With most properties today having double glazing, properties have never been warmer.

    So installing radiators under windows is a myth. Basically they can be fitted anywhere in the room.

    With a plumbing inspection all hot and cold water tanks are checked for leakage and condition.

    If you have an old metal cold water storage tank in the loft, then it;s going to be around 50 years old plus and corroding.

    So this will need to be changed to a new plastic type. Hot water tank will be checked for scale build up.

    After around 10 year they start to fill with scale inside.

    This is because of the water heating up and then cooling down, it’s quite common.

    The pipework will be check over, looking for any form of leakage on joint and connections. If the hot and cold pipes are metal or lead, then they will need to be replaced for copper or plastic.

    The incoming stopcock will be located and checked that it works, also any valves within the property located and checked.

    Many people don’t even know where their stopcock is located, the same with the gas meter. These two items you should always know their locations, should you have an emergency, then you can isolate and make safe..

    The central heating system is checked over making sure there is no gas leak and that everything is working as it should. Any gas appliances that has been left will be checked. Then a Gas Tightness test will be carried out.

    Next thing with the plumbing inspection move onto the drainage side.

    First we check all the connections on the sinks and baths, and the shower, and that they are running correctly and no leaks around the traps and any visible joint. Next we need to check the soil pipe that is connected to the toilets, again looking for any form of leakage and also the condition of the pipe.

    If the property has any manholes in the grounds they will be lifted and checked for damage and to make sure there is no blockage and are running freely.

    Once the plumbing inspection has been carried you will get a written report stating any defects found and what needs to be done to put right, and any recommendations that need doing.

    If you would like a plumbing inspection on your property or even a chat about having a plumbing inspection then just enter your name in the box below, and we contact you to arrange a time to meet.