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    Boilers New Gas Condensing Boiler is cheaper to Run
  • Why a New Gas Condensing Boiler is cheaper to Run

    Buying a new gas condensing boiler, as you may know, is a perfect way for you to start saving some money on your fuel bills.

    Approximately you will be paying around 35% less of what you used to pay with your old gas boiler,

    perfect for you.

    But when we want to go with a new gas condensing boiler instead of the old boiler,

    we usually take a look at the different options that we have in the market today.

    We can either choose a new gas condensing combination boiler or

    we can go with heat only gas boiler, there are many options to choose from.

    But think about it, if you choose to convert over to a combination boiler you may need other works to be done on the pipework.

    However you have another option,

    with buying a new gas condensing boiler, you can just replace like for like.

    You will have the good sensation that nothing should go wrong and of

    course you will have a warranty for the boiler.

    You will feel safe, and you are going to be secure that it

    has been installed by a gas safe registered engineer.

    If you are in the market to save on your energy bills, like most of us are these days,

    then a good way to save is by replacing your old boiler.

    If your boiler is over 10 years old, then you are throwing money down the drain.

    Did you know that the average gas boiler that is 10 years old or more,

    when you put the boiler to work for your central heating and hot water,

    around 35% of your hard-earned money goes out of the boiler flue pipe,

    that means around £35.00 in every hundred is wasted.

    If you opt for a new gas condensing boiler that 35% that drops drastically to around 5-8%,

    a big saving on your gas bills.
    Next, by upgrading your controls you can save even more.

    If you don’t have a room thermostat,

    have a digital one installed, again this will help you save.

    Next, radiator thermostats fitted to each of your radiators.

    Make sure that any exposed pipes are covered with lagging.

    Make sure you have the boiler serviced each year, ok you have to pay out for the service,

    but it will save you money in the long-term, because if you don’t have a

    service and something is not working as it should, it could

    do more damage to the boiler and will cut it lifespan in half.

    While the new gas condensing boiler is being installed get the gas safe engineer to flush your system out and fit a Magna clean filter.

    This will collect all the sludge that builds up within the system, and slows the pump down, thus making the boiler work harder and using more gas to heat your home.

    So answering the main question, why you should buy a new gas condensing boiler and is it cheaper?

    Since 2003 boilers are now more efficient than what they were before, so that means that you will spend less money in doing minor reparations or you´re going to stop thinking why did I not have a new boiler fitted sooner. You will be investing your money in something that in time may give you that money back plus you will not have to worry again for the expensive replacements that the old boiler needs.

    Stop thinking in the options of an old one, within years boilers have been improved.

    So if you are still checking the options in the market and deciding if buying a new one will be better and cheaper to run, choose wisely, a new one will give you much more benefits, comfort and peace than if you carry on with your old one, mostly because you will be saving money in reparations and many other things that an old one may give you.

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