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    Boilers My Boiler is Leaking, How do I Stop it?
  • These are the words we here so much, my boiler is leaking what shall I do?

    If your boiler is leaking it could be something simple to fix, on the other hand, it could be a more serious and expensive problem.

    The first thing you should do is contact your local registered gas safe company

    Arrange for them to attend and diagnose the problem.

    Don’t try and fix the problem yourself, you could make it worse, let an expert fix it for you.

    Gas, water and electricity don’t mix and can be seriously dangerous in the wrong hands.

    When a boiler is leaking it’s often caused by an internal problem such as an automatic air vent,

    the vents tend to leak from the top screw on cap.

    Another reason the boiler may be leaking is the condense trap within the boiler,

    this is just like the trap you have under your sinks at home.

    On the cheaper boilers,

    the condense traps tend to get a small hairline crack over time and this will allow the condense to seep out.

    Most boilers today are put together using o rings,

    sometimes an o ring will break down and you end up with a leaking boiler.

    The worst scenario of a leaking boiler is the main heat exchanger, it’s rare but it does happen.

    Should this happen then you should consider replacing the boiler for a new one?

    Obviously, if the boiler is still under warranty then you may be able to get it replaced by the boiler manufactories.

    The strange thing is most boiler manufactories will try and find a way out of replacing the heat exchanger,

    they will put the cause of the leak down to dirty water within the system.

    If your system water is dirty then the boiler warranty becomes void with most Boilermakers. 

    That’s why they offer such long warranties these days, they know that most people tend to forget about the boiler until it goes wrong.

    All boilers with long warranties must have an annual service carried without fail, it must be registered in the boiler benchmark book, signed and dated by the service engineer.

    Gone are the days of not having the boiler serviced, just like cars they need to be maintained.

    If your boiler is leaking, arrange to get it looked at sooner then later, because if you leave it too long you will end up with a big invoice, probably a new boiler.

    If you notice anything strange about your boiler, it could be a noise, or it takes longer to heat up,

    contact your local boiler company straight away, it could save you money in the long run.

    So the answer to, my boiler is leaking, how do I stop it? Is contact your local boiler company straight away.