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  • Mobile Home Boilers Situated in the forest.

    Owning a mobile home has its advantages.

    You can jump in the car and get away from it all on weekends, even for weeks on end should you wish.

    Most mobiles will have some kind of boiler that heats the water you use in the bathroom and kitchen.

    Mobile home boilers, just like your everyday home still needs regular maintenance.

    They tend to get forgotten because they are not used as often as your regular home.

    Lack of maintenance could be fatal to you and your family.

    Mobile home boilers can deteriorate over time and could start to leak carbon monoxide.

    A boiler that is used regularly is less likely to go wrong, compared to a boiler that is only used for a few months of the year.

    When a boiler is not used, the internal parts can sometimes become stuck due to lack of use, this can result in safety issues.

    Many mobile home boilers only heat the hot water.

    ome of the newer mobiles also heat radiators to keep the mobile warm when the temperature drops.

    The newer mobiles now come with full central heating installed, whereas, the earlier models came with just a water heater.

    Morco was the most popular water heater installed many years back.

    They were installed in a small compartment, normally in the hallway. These water heaters have a vertical flue installed that needs regular inspections for safety.

    These boilers are classed as open flue, meaning they need fresh air to burn correctly.

    Within the boiler compartment will be air vents, one will be located at a low level and the other at a high level.

    On some, the top air is drawn through the flue, this will depend on the type of flue installed.

    These vents must be kept clear, as well as regular cleaning, there must always be plenty of fresh air available for the boiler.

    Over time, due to lack of maintenance, these vents will block up and starve the boiler of fresh air or oxygen.

    This can lead to the boiler spilling carbon monoxide, which as we all know can be a killer.

    Modern-day boilers work in a completely different way, they draw the air they need through the boiler flue pipe. These are called room sealed boilers.

    Mobile home boilers, whichever type is installed, still need to be inspected for safety.

    One of the most common problems we come up against is blocked flues.

    This is caused by something like leaves dropping on top of the mobile and blocking the flue, making the boiler become dangerous.

    So if you own a mobile home, make sure you have a regular inspection of all your gas appliances.

    Contact your local LPG gas safe registered company and arrange your appointment.