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    LPG Plumber Installing New Pipe Work

    Trying to find an LPG Plumber is not easy.

    When you are in need of an LPG plumber or engineer, how do you find one?

    What is an LPG Plumber?

    An LPG Plumber is normally someone working in the plumbing and heating industry.

    They will be registered with gas safe to work on natural gas, as well as LPG.

    They cannot be registered for just LPG, they need to have natural gas qualifications first.

    Anybody who works with gas has to be registered with gas safe by law.

    Somebody working on gas, who is not registered is breaking the law and could be prosecuted.

    They have to take exams for all the gas appliances they wish to work on.

    Once they have the natural gas qualifications, they can then take the LPG exams for the appliances they would like to work on.

    They need to take two separate sets of exams, one for natural gas, the other for LPG.

    These exams have to be renewed every five years for both natural gas as well as LPG.

    They also have to renew their registration with gas safe every year.

    Every LPG plumber is different, they may only have qualifications to work on gas fires.

    This means they can only check the safety of the gas supply as well as the gas fire.

    It does not mean they can work on any other gas appliances.

    Every gas appliance has an exam the engineer has to pass to be able to work on it.

    So what is the best way to find an LPG plumber?

    For any type of gas work, be it natural gas, or LPG, the best place is to visit the gas safe register.

    You can find details of the register on Google.

    Here you will find details of every gas engineer in the country.
    When you visit the gas register, you will be asked to enter your postcode.

    Once entered, you will be given details of three local engineers who are close to you.

    They also have a phone number that, if unsure how to find someone you can call.

    Every gas engineer carries a gas safe card with them. It’s a bit like a driving licence, only it’s for gas.

    On this card, it will tell you what appliances as well as what gas the engineer can work on.

    It’s in your best interest to ask to see this card and check that the appliance you want installing, serviced or repaired is on there.

    You will also see a picture of the engineer on the card, this ensures that the person carrying out the work is the person registered.

    So you see it’s not as easy as everyone thinks to be an LPG plumber.