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  • LPG Plumber Near Me Ipswich

  • When searching for an LPG plumber near me Ipswich you should find Duval Heating.

    We are gas safe registered to work on all LPG domestic appliances.

    We also work on all natural gas domestic gas appliances.

    Anyone who works gas, be it repairing, servicing or even installing, has to be registered with gas safe by law.

    It is a criminal offence for anyone to work on any gas appliance, pipework and anything to do with gas.

    who is not gas safe registered?

    Everyone who is registered carries a gas safe card with details of what they can work on.

    As a gas user, it is your responsibility to ensure that the person who will be working for you is qualified.

    Ask to see their card, check that the photo on the front is the person presenting you the card.

    There is two number on the front, the number at the top of the card is the engineer’s licence number and personal to them.

    It is also the long number across the middle which is similar to a credit card.

    The number at the bottom is the gas safe number.

    This number may have 10 people working under it, but each one will have a personal number as above.

    Now turn the card over, you will see what appliances they can work on as well as the type of gas.

    You will see two columns one for natural gas, the other for LPG.

    Should they not be able to show you the card, you should politely ask them to leave until such time they can show the card.

    Don’t forget gas is dangerous in the wrong hands.

    If you are unsure of the personal details, you can contact gas safe either by calling or visit the website.

    Using someone to work on your gas who is not registered also invalidates your home insurance.