• How do you find an LPG gas engineer to work on your boiler?

    Knowing where to start when you need a new LPG appliance installed or serviced can be a little daunting.

    The first place to look is the gas safe register, here you will find every registered gas engineer in the country.

    Someone who is gas safe registered is not necessarily registered to work on LPG appliances.

    The register has a freephone number 0800 408 5500 that you can use.

    Once you get through, tell them you want someone who can work on your LPG appliance in your area.

    You should get details of 3 local registered companies who will be able to work on your appliances.

    Now you have the details of the local companies. Invite them to come and quote for your work.

    When the LPG gas engineer arrives, ask to see their gas safe card. While at the same time ask if they will be doing the work or someone else.

    If someone else, you will need to see their card before they start.

    The gas safe card will have details of the person in question, you should see a picture of them on the front. The gas safe number and expiry date, which is always the end of March.

    Turn the card over and you will be able to see what appliances they can work on, for both LPG and natural gas.

    Everybody who works on gas must carry their card with them. If no card, you should ask them to leave till they can produce it.

    Before you engage someone to take on your required work, do a little research first.

    Go to Google or Bing and enter their details. Most tradespeople now days tend to belong to some sort of online directory, where their customers can leave a review of their work.

    This should give you some idea of what type of service they offer.

    Next, you should ask for proof of public liability insurance. Just because they gas safe registered it does not mean they are fully insured. They should be, you never know, so ensure you check.

    Ask as many questions as you can about the work you want to be carried out.

    After any new gas appliance (excluding flueless cookers) has been fitted, the Building Regulations in England and Wales require that the installation must be notified to your Local Authority. 

    Your engineer needs to do this, normally through gas safe.

    Similar requirements exist in Isle of Man and Guernsey.

    You will receive a certificate confirming registration.

    Make sure you keep it safe as if you decide to sell your property your certificate will be required to complete the sale.

    Now you have chosen your LPG Gas engineer, agree on the cost. A time and date for the work to commence.

    Ask how long the work will take and what type of payment they except.

    Once all the work is completed you should receive a commissioning certificate. For boilers you will also receive a benchmark book with details of how the boiler has been set up.

    This book is a legal document and must be filled in, signed and dated by the engineer.

    If not completed your boiler will not have any warranty, so make sure this is done.

    When the work is completed you can leave an honest review of the LPG engineer on one of the trade directories for other potential customers.

    LPG Gas engineers are not as common as natural gas engineers because it involves taking a lot more exams and cost.