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    More and more people in the United Kingdom are now buying mobile homes.

    They can spend quality time with their families at weekends and even for the annual summer holidays.

    But as we all know the weather can sometimes be a little fresh in the evenings and sometimes during the days.

    Having LPG gas central heating in your mobile home

    is a must if you want to stay warm.

    So what are the options available when you are looking to buy your first mobile home?

    Most modern mobile homes are now built with LPG gas central heating already installed.

    This normally consists of a combination boiler installed in a cupboard somewhere with radiators fitted in every room.

    The combination boiler supplies all the heat needed.

    to the radiators and constant hot water at the taps and shower when needed.

    Some of the earlier models had gas central heating installed

    but it was normally a warm air boiler that would supply warm heat all around the mobile home

    but was very inefficient, and if not checked every year could become dangerous.

    For hot water, they were normally fitted with a small boiler

    that heated just water, normally this was located in the kitchen area.

    They would also have a gas fire fitted in the living area as a means of having a quick source of heat.

    The only problem with these earlier models was that they were not insulated properly.

    So even when the warm air boiler and gas fire were working at full blast you still felt cold,

    and the only way to get warm was to stand under a hot shower for a while.

    With new mobile homes,

    they are well insulated to help keep the heat loss to a minimum and keep you warm when you need it.

    The mobile home LPG gas central heating system is basically the same as you would have in your normal home.

    The only difference being the type of gas the boiler uses.

    In the mobile home, you would use LPG otherwise known as liquid petroleum gas, whereas in your main home you would use natural gas.

    Unless you live in an area where natural gas is not available then your options would be, oil, LPG, wood burner or even electric.

    Most mobile home parks require that your LPG gas central heating system and

    any other appliances are tested every year for safety. 

    So what does this involve?

    This would involve testing the gas supply for any form of leakage,

    checking any gas hoses to make sure they are within the date stamp.

    All LPG gas hoses have a date stamp printed on to them, and every 5 years they need to be replaced.

    The next check would be to make sure all gas appliancesare working correctly,

    all flues need to be checked to make sure there are no blockages and the products of combustion are being removed and dispersed.

    As stated at the beginning mobile home are becoming very popular so choose wisely.