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  • As as boiler company, we service many boilers over the years.

    One of the most common faults we come across is the boiler losing pressure on a regular basis.

    This is normally due to the boiler not having a complete service carried out.

    Some boiler service engineers, (not all of them ) tend to just take a combustion reading and thats the service.

    The LPG boiler service Suffolk also covers natural gas boilers.

    Most boilers installed today, now work under high pressure, in other words, pressurised.

    They have an expansion vessel fitted internally.

    This vessel takes up the water expansion as it heats up.

    Let me explain,

    The expansion vessel works very similar to a car tyre.

    Over time, the air inside the tyre will deflate.

    This is exactly what happens to the expansion vessel, it will slowly deflate.

    Every boiler service should include checking the vessel

    If needed recharging it to the correct pressure.

    Our LPG Boiler Service Suffolk includes.

    Checking the expansion vessel, ensuring that the correct pressure is set.

    Most boiler makers set the pressure on their boilers at around 1bar

    Expansion vessels are a very important safety device of the boiler which works with a pressure relief valve.