• Gas Safety Checks for Mobile Homes

    Like many people this year (2021) in the UK, you may be tempted to hire a mobile home, log cabin even a motorhome for your summer holidays.

    So you should understand a few gas safety tips to keep you and your family safe while on holiday.
    Below are some safety tips to help you stay safe while on your holiday.

    Before you take possession of your holiday home, ask the hirer what gas safety checks he has carried out?

    Can they show you the gas safety inspection certificate?

    Does the rental have a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm installed?

    It’s a good idea when making your reservation to ask about what gas safety checks will or have been carried out before you arrive.

    When you arrive to take possession of your holiday home, be prepared to ask a few questions.

    Ask them to explain how to use all the gas appliances within the rental.

    Do they have any instruction manuals on how to use the gas appliances?

    Get them to show you what the procedure is to change a gas bottle over to a new one, should you run out of gas.

    It may take a little time to explain, but it’s better to understand how the gas systems work.

    While on holiday if you think you can smell gas, isolate the supply immediately, you can do this on the gas bottle isolation valve.

    Every gas appliance will have its own isolation valve and should be labelled, but it’s always safer to isolate at the main supply valve.

    Then contact the hirer and explain the situation.

    Open all doors and windows within the rental, do not use anything electrical, including mobile phones, and vacate the property.

    LPG is a heavy gas and will fall to ground level, this could build up in a confined space, so ventilating the property is a must-do.

    All gas appliances need oxygen to operate safely, you may see some ventilation grills close to an appliance.

    They may be on the floor or even located on the wall.

    Ensure you keep these ventilation grills clear, never try to block them off just because they are drafty, you could be putting yourself and your family at risk.

    These ventilation grills are there for a reason.

    All Gas appliances can be very dangerous when not used correctly.

    If the gas appliance does not have auto ignition, never turn on the gas and use a match or lighter to ignite, light the match first, then turn on the gas to ignite.

    LPG is very similar to natural gas, the difference is, it works at nearly double the pressure of natural gas.

    It also has a distinctive smell, like rotten eggs.

    All rental homes be it a mobile home, log cabin even a boat must have gas safety checks carried out before they are hired out.

    The UK law states that any property that is rented out, whatever it may be, requires a landlords gas safety certificate to prove the gas and the appliances are safe to use for the renter.

    You may even be thinking of buying a mobile home or boat, even a camper van yourself.

    Before you purchase ask the seller for all details of any gas safety checks that have been carried out.

    If they cannot produce a certificate, ask them to arrange for a gas safety inspection to be carried out before you purchase.

    You could even arrange it yourself if your heart is set on buying this particular holiday home.

    The inspection will check all the gas appliances are safe to use, as well as the gas supply line.

    It will also detail any recommendations that should be addressed.

    At least you will know if the holiday home is gas safe or not.

    A little tip for you when purchasing your own holiday home, check the gas regulator, where you connect the gas bottles.

    The regulator should have a date stamped on it, gas regulators should be changed every ten years.

    So check the date, this ensures the regulator is still safe to use.

    If you cannot find the date, it’s best to replace it with a new one.

    The same applies to the gas hoses that connect to the regulator and gas bottles. They also have a date stamp and should be changed every five years.

    This little check could help reduce your purchase cost if the regulator or hoses are out of date.

    To give you a rough idea of the cost to replace both the regulator and hoses would be around £250.00.

    This will depend on the setup you have, as some will have a four-bottle system even a single setup.

    Most mobile home sites in the UK now require a gas safety inspection to be carried out as part of the parks insurance policy.

    It,s always a good idea to keep a copy of your gas certificate in your new holiday home if you are visiting any sites.

    Most people do not realise how dangerous gas can be in mobile homes and boats, especially boats.

    Whatever you decide for your holiday may be, a rental even your own, always be safe.

    If you are unsure about any gas appliance, don’t try to use it until someone can show you how, as well as check it for you to ensure it is safe to use.

    I hope this article on Gas Safety Checks for Mobile Homes has been of interest to you, maybe even helped you a little.

    Hope you have a great holiday.