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    News Gas Safe Registered Or Unsafe Cowboys?
  • Gas Safe Registered Or Unsafe Cowboys?

    These days we are all looking to save money, not just in our everyday shopping

    but also on our house maintenance repairs and upgrades.

    So would you use a Gas Safe Registered company or engineer to let’s say Service your boiler, or

    would you use an unregistered cowboy?

    The Gas Safe Registered company or engineer has to pass many exams every five years

    also, regular inspections from Gas Safe just to be able to work, an unregistered

    cowboy has nothing to pass but time.

    With the Gas Safe Registered company, you have the backing of gas safe and the HSE, Health and Safety Executive behind you should something go wrong.

    Which sometimes it does, after all, we are only human, but it’s very rare.

    Everybody knows someone a friend or family member who is an odd-jobber

    who can do anything for a smaller fee than a professional, but would you let them loose on your gas appliances?

    As A Gas Safe Registered Engineer myself,

    I am totally surprised at how many people have no knowledge of how dangerous gas can be and

    what the outcome could be should something happen.

    In the past, I have been called out to carry out a service on a clients boiler only to find it in bits on the floor on arrival,

    but the strange thing is when the call came in, we were asked, are we Gas Safe Registered. 

    On speaking to the client to find out what had been going on with the boiler,

    I was told, the boiler stopped working and a friend said he could fix it.

    Once his friend had taken it apart he then realized he did not know what he was doing, so advised him to a call in a Gas Safe Registered Company or Engineer.

    He then went on to tell me that his friend also charged him £50.00 for his time. Is that saving money?

    I don’t think so, because, in the end, the boiler had to be replaced,

    because when the guy dismantled it he broke so many parts that it worked out just as cheap to install a new model.

    Gas Safe Registered companies or engineers have public liability insurance normally to

    the value of £2,000000, so should something go wrong you are covered.

    In reality, it’s cheaper to use a Gas Safe Registered Company or engineer than to use a cowboy

    who the chances have no insurance and should something happen you would never be able to get hold of him.

    The Gas Safe Register is there to protect you and your family, the cowboys there to take your money and in the worst scenario may be your life.

    Always use A. Gas Safe Registered Company or Engineer, it’s your responsibility as a

    Gas user to make sure that any work carried out on the gas appliances or pipework is done only by a Gas Safe Registered Company.