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    Boilers Gas Safe How Safe is Your Property
  • Gas Safe Takes Gas Seriously

    If you have badly fitted or maintained gas appliances they could cause carbon monoxide poisoning, fires even explosions.

    That’s why it’s very important to use only gas safe registered engineers.

    With carbon monoxide you cannot see it, you cannot smell it, but it can kill very quickly without any form of warning. If you don’t take gas safe seriously you are putting your family and yourself at risk.

    These are a few ways to stay gas safe.

    1 Make sure your gas appliances are working correctly and safely, if you have any doubt about any appliance, switch off and call in a gas safe engineer.

    Have your gas appliances checked at least once a year, either a service or a gas safety check.

    Once checked you should receive a gas safe certificate stating what has been check and any faults that may be present, and any work that needs to be done.

    Always check your engineers gas safe ID card, make sure it’s valid, and check the back of the card to make sure he is qualified to work on the appliance in question.

    For example, if you want your gas fire checked, you need to check the back of the card to see if fires are on the card, if not then the engineer cannot work on fires.

    This is very important, as many people believe that if someone if gas safe registered, then they can work on any gas appliance, this is not true. If you have any doubt about the engineer you can go to the gas safe registeronline and check the engineer out.

    If you are a Tennant the law states that the landlord must maintain each gas appliance within the property, these are only the appliances that belong to the property, and not any that you have installed yourself.

    The landlord has to have these appliances check every year, and not just for the term you are living in the property.

    You are also entitled to have a copy of the gas safety inspection certificate for your records. If your landlord fails to have the appliances checked regular he is breaking the law, and could end up with a very big fine.

    How safe is your home?

    One in six properties that have been inspected by a gas safe inspector in the United Kingdom have found to be unsafe.

    The gas safe register has created an interactive map which identifiers the most dangerous post code throughout the United Kingdom.

    If you go to the website enter your post code and you will see the risks involved and also get some tips on how to stay safe in your property.
    Just go to http://staygassafe.co.uk

    Once on the website, you can set up a reminder to get your gas appliances checked. It’s free to use, so it’s worth a visit.

    Once you set up the reminder you will receive an email telling you how to book up for a local gas safe engineer to call.

    Some tips to check to see if your gas appliance are working correctly.

    Look at the flame on the appliance, is it a lazy yellow colour?

    Look for black stains around the appliance.

    Does the room suffer from condensation?

    These are just a few to check, if in doubt, then switch off and get it checked out.

    One other tip,

    Fit an audible carbon monoxide alarm close to any gas appliance, and Alway check the batteries regular.

    Be safe always use the gas safe.

    To book an appointment to have your gas appliances checked by a gas safe engineer or even just a chat for some advise enter your details in the box below and request a call back……