• How to check the Gas Safe Card

    When you have a new boiler installed or even have your boiler serviced, you should always check the engineers gas safe card.

    This will tell you what he is qualified to do.

    The first thing you should do before any work starts is to ask to see the card if the engineer tells you they don’t have it with them, then you should not let them start any work until they can produce the card. 

    As a gas user, it is your responsibility to always make sure that anyone who works on any gas appliance is Gas Safe registered and qualified for the appliance to be worked on.

    There are many people out there who claim to be gas safe registered and are not.

    Why should you always check to make sure they are registered?

    One of the main reasons is that it is against the law for anyone to work on any gas appliance unless they are gas safe registered and qualified.

    Even if they are gas safe registered you need to check the card. 

    On the back of the card, you will see what the engineer can work on.

    An engineer can be registered to work just on fires and nothing else, so if he fits your new boiler he is breaking the law. 

    You will also find that most boiler manufacturers will invalidate the warranty of the boiler should you need to call them.

    Another thing that you should also consider is that most insurance companies will not pay out should something happen and you need to make a claim.

    I have been to many boilers over the years to carry out the annual service or even repair the boiler only to find out the boiler incorrectly fitted. 

    When a new boiler is installed it has to be commissioned and the details entered into a legal document called a benchmark, 

    you will normally find this document at the back of the boiler installation book, sometimes it will be a blue card,

    This has to be filled in by the installer by law.

    The installer also has to enter his details into the benchmark book. If you don’t have the benchmark then the chances are the boiler has been installed illegally.

    The benchmark also has a section where every time the boiler is serviced it should be filled in by the engineer, this will also keep your warranty valid. As many boiler manufacturers now offer long warranties this is part of their terms and conditions.

    The gas safe card can also be checked online via the gas safe register, it’s very easy to do, you just enter the engineers gas safe number and licence details and you will then find out what they are registered to work on. 

    Something else I have come across is that the customer has got an engineer from a company to install their new boiler as a private job and not through the company,

    as they can offer to do the job cheaper, again it’s very important to check the card as if they are registered to work for the company they may not be able to work on private work. If the card has the company name and the installers name on it,

    then they are not registered to carry out any private work, only work for the company.  

    The gas safe register is there for your safety, why not use it?

    Every engineer has to renew their gas safe card each year, then every 5 years they have to resitt the exams to be able to carry on working.