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    Boilers Do I Need A Power Flush?
  • Why you should power flush the heating system.

    Do I Need a Power Flush?

    It’s a cleansing process that helps remove the deposits of sludge,

    rust and other debris that your central heating system may contain,

    you are basically cleaning the whole central heating system out.

    Do I need a power flush?

    The power flush unit is connected to the central heating system and then it removes

    everything that may be contaminating the water.

    By definition power flushing “is the process of removing this built up iron

    oxide and limescale deposits from a central heating system,

    using a pressurised mix of water and chemicals.”

    It is considered one of the best cleaning methods on the market

    due to the fast clean that it delivers and the power, it gives to your heating system.

    If you have a central heating system and it is taking too long to heat up,

    then this may be what you need, not heating enough or simply it just does not heat at all?

    These are some of the main reasons that indicate you may need a power flush.

    There are many signs that indicate you need one,

    before getting one you need to check the status of a heating system with a gas safe heating engineer,

    he can advise you.

    Other reasons will be water-colour when you bleed the radiators,

    it will be discoloured, and also the boiler will have excessive noise,

    like when you boiled a kettle, it’s called kettling.

    Think fast and wisely if you notice any of these problems with your heating system,

    because if you do not act quickly the problem may get worse.

    Worse as you will stop receiving hot water,

    but of course this will go little by little but it will happen if you don´t have a power flush. 

    You also have to consider that if you do not have a power flush on your heating system,

    you may lose any warranty you may have left on your boiler because of failures due to sludge build up.

    The benefits of having a power flush on your home central heating system are that your

    boiler and the central heating system will be more efficient than they were before,

    there will be a better circulation of water in the pipes and the radiators.

    Also, it will help you in saving money on your fuel bills,

    this because when the heating system is dirty and full of debris and rusty iron,

    it accumulates particles that restrict the circulation of water, causing fuel wastage.

    This means that you already lose a lot of heat, plus you will have to increase the power of your system and that’s not cheap.

    With a power flush, you will avoid this and save the money that you don´t want to spend. This is something you could avoid.

    Do I Need A Power Flush

    So would you say power flushing is worth it or necessary? Yes, it is,

    If you want to avoid spending lots of money on fuel for the heating system. A heating system that is already full of trash, rust and many other particles that may affect it’s running. Plus losing your warranty will be another risk you will be running if you don´t power flush and it gets damaged. Of course, you will need to check if it´s really necessary with the signs provided before you, if one or more than one, or just avoid having at least part of one problem and get power flush.

    Your gas safe heating engineer will be able to tell you what needs to be done to restore your boiler and heating to like new. Without a power flush your central heating will eventuality stop, and cost you a lot of money to put right, maybe even a new boiler….

    If you would like to find out the costs involved in a power flush or book an appointment, enter your details below and we will contact you…

    Do I Need A Power Flush