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    DIY Central Heating Advise

    If you are a DIY type of person and want to install your home central heating system then there are a few things you need to know,

    I have listed a few tips below that may be of help to you.

    The first thing you need to know is if you live in the united Kingdom,  you are governed by rules and regulations that must be abided bye, or you could find yourself with a big penalty.

    Anybody can work on a central heating system

    So long as they do not work on the gas boiler itself. You can install all the radiators and pipe work for the system but not the gas boiler.

    You cannot fit the gas boiler to the wall or run the gas supply pipe,

    the only person allowed to carry out this work is a Gas Safe Registered person or company.

    Anybody who works on gas appliances must be Gas Safe Registered by law.

    Should you decide to carry out the work on the Gas Boiler yourself,  you could be prosecuted under the health and safety regulations.

    You could also find your home insurance becomes void should you ever need to make a claim.

    If you go ahead and install your new gas boiler for your central heating system and think ,

    I know I will get a local gas safe engineer to come round when the work is completed and check it over to make sure its safe, 

    you need to think again. 

    Under Gas Safe regulations no engineer can sign off any gas work that they did not install, 

    Yes, you may find an engineer to sign off the gas boiler, 

    but they are breaking the law and can be prosecuted should it ever come to light,

    which occasionally it does. 

    That engineer could also loose his licence to work on gas and his livelihood.

    Every gas central heating boiler installed in the United Kingdom has to be registered with gas safe by law. 

    To register the boiler, only a gas safe registered person can do this. 

    When a boiler or any gas appliance is registered the person who registers it is responsible for the gas appliance and gas supply within that property.

    Your new gas central heating boiler may also come with a long warranty,

    up to 10 years with some models, but did you know,

    if the boiler is not installed and registered by a gas safe person, then your boiler warranty becomes void.

    Everybody knows that gas can be very dangerous in the wrong hands,

    so its best to call in your local gas safe engineer to get his advise before you make a start. 

    He can advise you on what you can do and what you cannot do.

    If you want to change your central heating system from a vented system (small tank in the loft) to a unvented system then you need to be registered to install unvented systems. 

    Most gas safe engineers are registered to install unvented system.

    An unvented system, if installed incorrectly could be a potential bomb sitting in your home, 

    so its best left to the professionals, at least you will know that the work has been carried out to all current rules and regulations and its safe.

    If you still want to install your gas central heating system yourself,

    then before you start make sure you talk to your local gas safe registered boiler engineer,

    if he is a genuine type of person, 

    then he will be only to happy to help. 

    He will be able to tell you the easy way of fitting the radiators and pipe work along with the controls, r

    easy for him to come along and install the gas boiler and gas supply pipe at a later date.

    I hope this helps all you DIY people out there, and one last thing before I finish, Be Safe Be Gas Safe.