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  • Broken boiler

    There are many reasons why you may have a broken boiler. Sometimes it’s a simple solution to put right, sometimes it can be a costly repair.

    Before you call in the local gas safe engineer a few simple checks.

    Is the power supply to the boiler on, if so is the clock on and calling for heat?

    If you have a combination boiler again check the power is on?

    Are their any flashing lights or flashing codes appearing on the screen?

    If so you should have a reset button on the panel, push the button and Wait for the boiler to reset.

    If you have a pressurised system check the pressure gauge, is the pressure on zero.

    The pressure gauge needs to be reading at least 0.5 bar. If the pressure is low then increase the pressure to 1 bar.

    You may need to reset the boiler if the pressure was low. Another simple thing to check is the gas supply, is it switched on, we get many calls where the boiler is not working only to find the gas has been switched off if you have a card meter check you have credit.

    If your boiler is a condensing model, then check the drain or pipe that the condensing line goes into, this sometimes becomes blocked, should this happen then the boiler will not work and may go to lockout.

    These are a few simple checks to do before calling in the boiler engineer.

    If none of the above has worked then you may need to contact the boiler engineer.

    To avoid a broken boiler it’s a good idea to have a service contract on your boiler, this way the boiler gets serviced each year and checked over, and if anything is starting to show any signs of future problems then it can be addressed there and then.

    Many people never have the boiler looked at until it goes wrong, then they start to panic because they have no heating or hot water.

    Preventive maintenance is better than no maintenance at all.

    Today’s modern condensing boilers are very complex and need regular service to keep them running at full efficiency, otherwise, they can become a broken boiler.

    An average boiler service in Essex and London area is around £80.00 depending on if you use a small or large company, so the cost may be a little higher or lower.

    By having your boiler serviced you know that it has been checked over and given a clean bill of health, and if any problems were noted then you know what to expect. In the long term, it’s cheaper to have a regular boiler service than none at all.

    When you don’t have a regular boiler service and it decides to become a broken boiler then the costs involved in repairing can out way the regular service costs.

    You may even need to replace the boiler if the cost to replace the parts needed come close to the cost of a new boiler.

    We have replaced boilers less than five years old because the damage to the boiler is too expensive to repair, but if the boiler had been checked over regular then these faults would have been picked up before they went too far.

    We may have even been able to get the boiler manufacturer to repair under the warranty.

    The boiler plays a very important role in our fast life’s of today, when working we don’t give it a second thought, but when it becomes a broken boiler we panic.

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