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  • All Boiler pilot lights are becoming a thing of the past. 

    If your home boiler has a pilot light you are wasting money. 

    Just by having a pilot on your boiler you are throwing around £80:00 per year down the drain. 

    With today’s boilers you have no pilot lights, they are all automatic.

    You switch your heating on and the boiler goes through an auto ignition.

    The gas valve opens and a small amount of gas is released for the ignition.

    Once a small flame is present then the gas valve releases more gas to heat up the water circulating within the boiler.

    With the boilers with a permanent pilot lights the only reason they went wrong was the thermal coupling.

    This would burn out with time, so the pilot lights would not stay on. 

    By replacing the thermal coupling this would normally bring the boiler back to normal. 

    On very rare occasions the gas valve would be faulty but this was very rare.

    If you like many others still have a boiler with a pilot light.

    Consider upgrading to a new condensing boiler

    You will see a big difference in your fuel bills. 

    The new boiler will save you around 35% if not more depending on what type of heating controls you have fitted to your heating system.

    Boiler pilot lights were a good thing at the time.

    Like all things today become outdated. 

    Most boiler manufactures have not produced a pilot light type of boiler now for over 15 years. 

    So if your boiler is of this type then now is a good time to think about replacing with a new energy efficient boiler.

    We still get many customers calling up saying the thermal coupling on there boiler needs to be replaced.

    Because they cannot get the pilot light to come on.

    Have done some research on the Internet to find the the problem. 

    When we arrive to check the problem most of the time there boiler does not have a pilot light/

    They have the automatic version,

    The internet does not say this unless you put the make of your boiler and model number in.

    With today’s boilers most manufactures now produce boilers with no spy hole to view the burner.

    Because they get many calls saying the pilot light won’t come on, when they don’t actually have a pilot light.

    The main reason though is the spy hole.

    It has a seal around the glass and over time the seal starts to break down and let products of combustion out. 

    This is the main reason they now produce boilers with no spy hole.

    Like I said at the beginning boilers with pilot lights are now a thing of the past.

    So if your boiler won’t ignite the chances are it’s not the thermal coupling.

    It’s something else, and you should call in your local gas safe boiler engineer to carry out the repairs needed.

    We have come a long way with boilers since the first pilot light models were produced.

    They did their job, they gave us hot water and heating when we needed it. 

    Now we have the high efficiency boilers that work completely different to the old pilot light models.