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    Your boiler not working, you come home from work only to find you have no hot water and central heating, everything was fine when you left for work in the morning, so what’s happened?

    So let check a few things to see why your boiler not working.

    First, make sure you have power at the boiler, is the display on the boiler or clock working? Are there any lights on?

    Ok, let’s assume you have power. If you have a combination boiler, then you need to check to see if any error codes are showing or is there any flashing lights? If so. then you need to push the reset button.

    On most combination boilers there is a pressure gauge.

    What is the pressure reading? It should be a minimum of 0.8Bar, if the pressure is below this then this could be the reason why your boiler not working.

    The pressure will need to be reset to 1.2 Bar and then press the reset button.

    If you are not sure on how to reset the pressure, then I would advise calling in your local gas safe boiler engineer.

    If you don’t have a combination boiler, and you have a system boiler with a stored hot water tank then you need again to make sure you have power at the boiler and clock, If so, is the clock calling for heat, are the thermostats switched on and calling for heat.

    These are just a few simple checks to find out why your boiler not working.

    If you have tried these simple checks, and your boiler is still not working, then it time to call in your local gas safe engineer.

    The reason your boiler not working could be a simple fix or an expensive fix.

    These days the boilers don’t seem to last as long as the old style ones did.

    Boilers today have lots of electrical parts fitted that can wrong.

    The old style boiler was just a heat exchanger, a burner with a gas valve attached and thermostat.

    The most common fault on these boilers was a thermal couple which keeps the pilot alight.

    Some of the common faults on why your boiler is not working could be a fan, air pressure switch, pump and PCB.

    With the fans, the bearings seem to go, and you will notice that before the boiler stopped working, it was making some strange


    These fans can be very expensive depending on your make of boiler.

    The air pressure switch is another part that seems to be a common fault that happens, especially on the cheaper range of boilers, It’s not too expensive to replace.

    The air pressure switch is engaged when the fan runs, this, in turn, open the gas valve through the PCB.

    The pump built within the boiler tends to leak, again this on the cheaper version boilers. It also gets stuck and burns out the motor, this is due to sludge build up within the system.

    This normally happens when a system has not been flushed out on installation.

    PCBs are the computer of the boiler, they control everything.

    When we get called out to a job, where the boiler is not working, we follow a guide of what parts to test, if all the parts are showing that all is ok, then the book, tell you to replace the PCB.

    Sometimes they get confused, and by turning the power off then back on can reset the PCB, just like a home computer.

    PCBs are one of the most expensive parts on the boiler.

    All these parts need to be changed by your gas safe engineer.

    If you would like to find out more, reboiler not working, then just enter your details in the box below….…